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Its so important to continually find and connect with people who inspire you.

Throughout my creative journey called Life I have connected and found energy in certain people that help make me shine. I send thanks to every single one of you.

Everything we do in life is Art. Whenever you pour your soul into it – it becomes creative. it becomes a part of your magic.  .. .

The way you wear your hair, the clothes you choose, how you have your coffee, the way you write your grocery list, your smile and laugh, the way you talk to others, your cooking habits, how you decorate your house, the places you visit and even the activities you partake. The way you angle your body in bed, and the way you make love to someone.

The list could go on – just remember to be inspired, do things with creativity. Be authentic. Be you.

There is so many people to thank for this Post:  Jzhonnie Betchet, Kat Evans, Mitch Gobel, Sophie Dulac, Ara Thomsen, Jade Foskett, Sharnee Thorpe, Bhony Austin, Hayley Maynard, Casey Kent, Dane Loomes, Elizabeth Gorrie, and my Brother’s Mitch and Danny Botham.. these are just a few people who have left me wanting to shine.. the list is actually huge, so many beautiful people in my life. Feeling very lucky 🙂