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Fraser Island. QLD. Australia.

Heading over to Fraser Island last week, I was excited to tackle the raw environment of the island. To get around Fraser you need a 4WD, soft sand driving experience and a few rolls of toilet paper. hahah
The Island is a landscape wonderland filled with the clearest lakes and streams I have ever visited, empty desert dunes, abundance of wildlife, Jurassic park style rainforests and 100kms stretches of white sandy beaches. No showers, no toilets, no power, no worries.

The nights were spent under the stars, the sound of the ocean as our lullaby, and the first rays of sunlight being the wake up call.
Adventure is first on the list once morning coffee is sipped. Travelling through the sandy tracks to discover all that is on offer.

I am blown away by the incredible lakes and creeks with surrounding tropical jungle.

The Afternoon is spent by the sea, before a sunset dinner on the sand.

The island has left us both sunkissed and glowing. Happy. Really happy.

When can I go back?


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