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India. Rajasthan:

Bam, we have hit a moped driver.

This was my introductory to india, 2 minutes in a taxi from the airport. The crash was followed by screaming and yelling and twenty indian men discussing and yelling about the situation. Shit I thought, Im not in Australia anymore.

Travelling India’s Northern state of Rajasthan is unlike any travel I have ever previously for taken.
I am confronted with busy streets, insane traffic conditions, beggers, slums and livestock littering the roads. Its so busy, but yet somehow this colourful country seems to run happily in this organised chaos .

Although the initial shock of the mayhem in india is somewhat frightening and confronting the country contains so much dazzle, amazement and beauty its unreal and I’m soon lost in its magic.
A shamble of bazaars, an exotic building, a palace, woman in jewels, saris and silver trinkets, spiced chai tea is served everywhere and a selection of spices and fresh vegetables are to be seen on every corner. The trucks are an art work, and everyone is singing and dancing.

The country stirs the soul like no other place on earth. Its actually really hard for me to describe the emotions that india brings. The days are exhausting and hypnotising. Everything jingles, everything sparkles, and it is hard not to fall for the magic that is in the air. Oh india, mother india.

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Im sitting on the beach at Little Vagator as i write this, I have a group of beautiful swedish tranced out hippies on one side of me- curing a hangover with a coconut each, and some German backpackers on the other enjoying lunch from one of the various restaurants scattered on the sand..
This is a typical day in Goa, hippies, backpackers, and the local cows, enjoying the sunshine and black sandy beaches, until nightime rolls in that is. Once the sun sets, Goa becomes a tribal dance party, as hundreds of travellers and temporary residents rave. I mean the type of raves you find in the outskirts of Belligen and Byron Bay, except the colour, lights, drugs and everything in general is magnified. The music is louder, the dancing starts earlier and there is neon teepees everywhere. I actually felt overdressed for once in my life, wearing a ripped band shirt, denim shorts and some coin chokers i picked up earlier at the famous Anjuna markets. Everywhere i look people men, woman and children are clad in tiny leather skirts and vests with not much else on underneath, they all are wearing gladiator sandals or warrior style boots, and store there drugs and cash in a leather bumbag around their waist.
Was I at some kind of themed rave or dress up party?
No this was how one dressed while raving in Goa.
Besides the initial “ what is going on? ” question lurking in my mind, I start to relax, have a dance and start to connect with others to the earthy trance music scence which is Goa.

Besides the music and party scene in Goa, there is surprisingly more yoga classes and workshops here then anywhere else I found in India, people are partying one day, doing yoga and eating raw the next. Its a bit confusing but the hippies that trance love their bodies and the environment as much as they love their late night drugs.
In Goa you will find more vegetarian, and vegan restaurants then you can count, some of my favourite being “Bean me up” and the “German Bakery”
Fresh juice is sold Everywhere for under $2 AUS, and even the traditional indian restaurants and vendors are promoting a healthier range of curries and snacks.

Describing Goa I would use “ Tribal meets Gypsy “

Tree houses, huts, and tents is the accommodation of choice, with a decor of pillows, rugs and lanterns.
A backyack filled with jungle like vegetation and palms.
And beaches with music and juice huts on the sand.

hmmm Maybe ill stay.

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