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“Where do you Live?”

“I don’t live anywhere.”

This sentence leaves my mouth daily, I get a different reaction every time I say it: How Fun!

I didn’t notice how often people asked that question, until now.

It makes sense though to establish where someone is from. You can get to know someone easily by understanding where they live: If they crave the sea or the green of a jungle, warmer climates, or maybe a white snowy winter, Big city lights, maybe desert skies, The list is endless, but essentially where someone chooses to live is where they are happiest.

A few months Back, i decided to Live no where.


Because I’m happy everywhere.

I want to see everything, live everywhere and I will.

I have no room or car.

Just Love

So much fucking Love.

Thank you, thats my mantra today, and tomorrow. I will just keep on saying, Thank you.

Over these last few months I have shared breakfast, a bed, or a room with people who I love..

How blessed I am. Wonderful, Incredible Friends and Family from all over the world, who want me around, actually can’t wait for me to return. We teach each other lessons, go outdoors, and usually we dance. When Its time for me to leave they always say:

” Don’t go “

– How lovely!

“Ill be back” I say,

“And next time the weather will be different and we will have fun always! “

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