I looked over at the friend I grew up with, went through my iPod, and blasted Mystify – INXS through the vans speakers, because there was no other word for it. New Zealand you have left me Mystified.

The country boasts incredible enchanted landscapes that simple can’t be justified with words.

My whole experience was enchantment and wonder.

I felt as though I was in a fairy tale.

And wow.

The mountains. That fresh air.. I couldn’t breath deep enough.

Magic ..

Travelling new Zealand’s South Island in a van with my best friend was nothing short of magic. It is winter, so two sets of thermals were essential and we did use the heater- but we didn’t even care. The cold just added to the excitement. It meant we would get up at sunrise have a really hot tea and go jogging to warm our bodies for the day. Coffee was a treat like never before and we got to play with fire more then usual.

Its actually the first time I had snow fall on my face, it was so delicate and soft, like a whisper. .

We hiked daily, because there is no better way to see the country then by foot.. The mountains also offered views that left us breathless.

We also laughed, and laughed, and laughed. hysterical sometimes actually, that feeling when you can’t breath.. We were silly and wild and I will remember it forever.

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