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Art – ‘the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.’

We believe that #SexisArt, or rather the way that we create it through our images and writing, is art.

Peoples interpretations of art are usually very varied and most great art is often considered controversial. Our writing and images are created through love, there’s obviously a very sexual aspect to the way we write, but those who can see through the physical aspect and consider the post on a whole can see the real beauty and defined art in our work.

Nude paintings, drawing sculptures etc, have been considered art for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. They all celebrate the human body and it’s beauty, and this was widely accepted throughout society, even churches and museums accommodated for this type of artwork.

But this the 21st century, we have the power of the internet / social media and through that we have access to basically anything you could possibly think of, through a computer. It was inevitable that evolution within communication, or engineering, or art etc, would occur thanks to the internet.

Our posts are a new perspective, for us and many others on the relationship of sex, as art. We fully believe that our post represent the very definition of art by being a creative expression in a visual and written form that evokes beauty and emotional power.

The overall message behind what we’re doing is for freedom of expression, in an always criticising and controlling modern world. Of course we also want to promote love, connection and sexual exploration.

Through our art we believe we can influence change and conversation, not just artistically but in peoples everyday life. This is art that can appeal to almost anyone with an open mind and we hope that people can not only appreciate, but also take something away from our work and use it in their own relationships.

The body is beautiful, the mind is beautiful, movement is beautiful and in our minds, Sex is Art.

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The windows were fogging up.

I could hardly breath.

Couldn’t hear the world around me.
Just his soft moans.
We were crazy.
It was broad daylight and he was fucking me in the back of the car. . ..

Earlier that day:

We couldn’t keep our hands off one another.. First over breakfast then casual bumps and touches as we went about our daily routines.
I had reached my limit.
It had been three days of this cat and mouse game. One minute me pressing him against a wall, hands on the back of his neck, staring, lips almost touching while I whispered
” I want you Mitchell ” before letting go and wandering away.
Within a minute he would come up behind me unexpected, placing his hands on my hips while he moved my hair aside and whispered
” Sexy little gypsy ”

At first it was fun, my heart was racing. I wondered who would break first..
Not me I hoped.

He was painting when I walked down to the old barn we had turned into the art studio. I was wearing not much.. He looked up before I got to the door. He seemed to always know when I was around, his silly mind reading mine before I could even speak.
“Hi ”
He just stared.
10- 15 seconds went by.
Maybe it was 10minutes, I dunno. Not much else mattered except the desire in his green eyes.
I turned to walk away breaking the spell that was over me.
I didn’t hear him, but I felt him. He came up behind me. Pressed himself against me. Showing me what his eyes told me. Desire.
I took his hand, leading somewhere.. Anywhere. We didn’t get far, ten meters and I seen the car.

I turned, slamming him against the car door. My hand went straight to his 🐓
My mouth found his. My tongue slipped into his mouth almost aggressively.
We were gone, lost in the beautiful art form of our Love.
Somehow I ended up against the car. Him pressing/ grinding against me. One hand at my neck while the other explored my body. From my shoulders down to my breasts, tracing my stomach then trailing up the inside of my thighs.
We broke apart, he was staring at me, my gaze met his..
“Close your eyes”
I did as I was told.
He moved my panties aside and pressed his fingers inside me. My head fell back, maybe I screamed.
Yes, yes, my body responded.
He ripped the door open, placed my down, pushed up my dress.
He unbuttoned his jeans.
His control was incredible. He softly started to tease me, just rubbing but not entering.
While his mouth covered me with hungry kisses-
My face, neck, down my collar bone..
His mouth found me. His tongue inside me..
I could hardly hang on, I was going going to
“Come on” I screamed desperately.
He had reached his limit, losing his self control. His body weight on top of me as he entered me..

Sex is art .. Life is art. Be wonderful and creative into every aspect of your life. The human body for Me Represents such a beautiful art form it would be silly to suggest that two
Bodies coming together is anything but spectacular. … This photo is spectacular. The world is spectacular.
Thankyou @phoebefever for the incredible body and make up art.
Thankyou @Thedrifterblof for capturing our Love
And Thankyou @mitchgobel_resinart for everything.


Mitch’s Story:

We got back to the car and @sallymustang slammed me up against it, without a word of warning she gripped my 🐓 on the outside of my jeans then put her tongue inside my mouth.

We had lost our minds completely. It was like our tongues were at a rave, grinding and dancing together in sync. Our bodies exchanged places, I firmly but gently gripped my hand around her neck and pressed her up against the car. I guided my other hand down the front of her body, over the top of her thigh and up her dress, getting as close as I could without touching her 🌺

We paused for moment, looked at each other and I told her to close her eyes. As she did I slowly pulled her panties to one side and slid my finger inside her. Her head dropped back against the car and she let out a huge moan.

I moved my finger around in circles and then out and back in, before I slid a second one in and did the same again.

I let go of her, un-did my belt, dropped my jeans, gripped myself and then put my tip up against her, moving it around slowly, teasing her with it – both of us throbbing.

I opened the car door and pushed her onto the back seat, pulled her panties off and immediately sunk my face in between her legs. She grasped the back of my head and forced her self against my mouth, I could hardly breathe.

‘Mitchhhh!, come on!’ she moaned. I could hear the desire in her voice.

I got inside the car, put the weight of my body against hers. I gripped myself and positioned it against her, giving her just an inch for moment and then pulling it back out…

A connection like ours is so fucking powerful, it’s like we can read each other’s mind and since the moment we met, we’ve always been on the same wave length. I honestly never thought I’d find anything that I connected with, more than I do with my art.

The expression you see in my work comes from experiences like this specifically. This is colour, this is all fucking sorts of fluro, glitter and chemical reactions poured onto a canvas. This is what I think about before I paint, this is where my mind is in the studio – not inside her, but inside our connection ⚡️ #sexisart


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