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S K I N N Y  D I P  I N  T H E  S E A

Be Bold.

Let the ocean carry you

And caress you.

Feel its endless rhythm

And power.

Let the salt water heal you.

Explore its depths.

Adopt its freedom.

This post is dedicated to the female body, freedom, and art. It is not a pornagraphic post, but a celebration to admire the female body. I love my body… and here it is…

 Dedicated to inspiration and artist : WOLFCUBWOLFCUB who said it right on Monday morning after yet another photo was reported on social media-

“ Yes, i adore the female form- not for its provocative representation, but instead for the miracle that it is. Every contour is beauty. Nudity is natural, stunning and artistic to me. In my eyes these photos aren’t degrading, but rather a celebration of the female form”

*All images are of myself – Photographed by lovers. Images styled, directed and edited by sallymustang.

Beach towel is my own personal moroccan vintage.

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