LunarYoga-22 LunarYoga-23 LunarYoga-25 LunarYoga-9 LunarYoga-3 LunarYoga-4 LunarYoga-107 LunarYoga-103 LunarYoga-54 LunarYoga-85 LunarYoga-127 IMG_7079Some more from the studio.. Last week Photographer: Brett Rutkowski came for a visit to chat all things yoga:

“I started practicing yoga when i was a teenager but i feel as though i have been doing some aspects of it throughout my whole life. Yoga for me isn’t just about the practice and the postures- its about living it. Its about being the best possible person you can be. Doing good and feeling good.

Its changed my life.

Yoga encourages us to live in the moment, presently, not before or later. Creativity is maximised when you are living in the moment. It helps remind me to choose a positive thought, breath deeply and appreciate my life. cherish the simple things: the sunrise and sunset….

             do it now do it now do it now…”


*All images are of myself in my very own Lunar yoga studio.

Photography, styling and creative genius  : Brett Rutkowski


My Kamuka Yoga Mat,

Lonely planet books

and sunshine in a mug Byron body tea,

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