Yoga Strap

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Crafted from re-purposed/pre-loved traditional Guatemalan textiles. "Fajas" [pronounced fa-ha] are belts worn by women featuring embroidery or weaving unique to each region. 

Akasha Yoga Straps are a useful addition to your yoga practice regardless of what level you are, helping you to achieve correct yoga posture, giving length and support to poses and ultimately enhancing your entire yoga practice. The strap can also be used to carry your mat.


  • Adjustable loop ends to fit any size mat
  • Unique one-of-a-kind embroidery from the region of Chichicastenango

100% Made in Guatemala



Home of the infamous artisanal market, the town of Chichicastenango bustles around the market square, selling and buying the most incredible textiles and handcrafts your eyes have ever seen. The markets origins date back over four hundred years, with the age-old technique of bartering still continuing today with exchanges of livestock, medicinal herbs, fruit and vegetables taking place in the early hours of the day.

The Chichicastenango collection is the most diverse in design and technique, from fine intricate floral patterns to strikingly modern geometric designs, the artisans of Chichicastenango are known for their creative flare.