Love Smudging Wand

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Smudging is a ancient ritual used in many forms of ceremony to purify spaces and bless ones spirit. These herbal blends have been intuitively created to heal the soul, uplift energy and bring spirit into alignment. Each time you burn the wand take a moment to set your intention for internal or external healing. Clear Quartz works as an amplifier of all magical properties within the wand. Light the end of the wand to create a little bit of smoke. Traditionally feathers are used to spread the smoke around but your hand will work perfectly as well. As you spread the smoke around tune into your intention or say a pray for blessings. Let your intuition guide you to the places that need cleansing. To cleanse yourself  or another beings spirit wash the smoke around the entire body including the soles of the feet. Once your blessings are completed extinguish your wand in sand or a heat resistant bowl. Abalone shells are perfect for this as they carry the energy of water.


Rose teaches spirit divine love and beauty. 

Thyme herb of affection creating a irresistible energy field. Thyme brings courage to the heart and spirit. 

Sage clears negativity. Allowing the heart to heal and become open to receiving as well as giving deep true love.