You: A Love Story Journal

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You ~ A Love Story is for you to use as a guide to really get to know yourself. It is to assist you in dreaming up the most magical life you can manifest. It’s an opportunity to connect with yourself.

This self-love journal is a navigation system that will allow you to discover your dreams and your purpose. It is a gentle way into shadow work and discovering the depths of your deepest self.

It shall help you tell, dream, and create YOUR story.

The journal is filled with intimate questions and reflection prompts for you to use as a tool to get to know yourself better. To take that first step in moving towards somewhere you want to be going. To help you discover what it is to really love yourself.

These guided questions were developed by Sally after many years of self-inquiry. Sally has also used her experience with working, teaching, and guiding others on their journey of self-love.

It is perfect for a morning or late night writing ritual with smooth soft paper and a collection of small artworks throughout. The journal features a luxury velvet cover and a printed original artwork by Sally and Mitch inside.

A5 size
106 luxuriously thick cream pages
Beautiful velvet hardcover
Original Sally Mustang and Mitch Gobel artwork on the inside cover