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We welcome you to join us for 4 nights of deep connection to nature, yourself and others at a very unique, wild location in Tuscany, Italy. This divine retreat is an opportunity to allow ourselves to step in to our feminine expression. Weaving words, yoga, nature, cooking, dance, flowers and creativity with one another. Together we shall create a culture and a community. A space where we can experience joy and deep rest in the same breath.


Four nights accommodation at our beautiful retreat space

Nourishing meals, snacks and beverages

Daily yoga and movement

Ceremonial creative writing workshop with blue lotus

Nature walks, hikes, swims in waterfalls

Goddess essential oil making workshop

Sound healings 

Ecstatic Dance

Group voice activation and dreamscapes 


Cooking classes 

Goddess photoshoots 


Plus so much more! 

Retreat costs: solo and shared accommodation options available at various rates please specify on application form what you would prefer. 

"Sally‘s retreat in Tuscany was pure magic! Before the retreat I felt rather drained and out of balance - now after the retreat I feel so blissed, energized and fully relaxed. The retreat was a colourful bouquet of healing for body, soul, mind and spirit. We were dancing, laughing, singing, crying, eating, hugging, LIVING how life is supposed to be. I now feel so loved, empowered & beautiful in my own feminine essence. Thank you forever! Xx" 

- Britta

Your eyes flutter open to the beautiful circle of women who have taken this journey with you. The ocean breeze from the turquoise waters below gently stirs your hair as a butterfly floats by. You feel the warmth of the sun on your body, and you are completely relaxed. Resetting your nervous system, so that the magic of YOU begins to flow. Your heart is expending every moment you’re here and you are forming a rich relationship with your unique self and the people around you.

"Only a couple months ago I felt so defeated, tired, heart broken… my spiritual self love journey has been so tumultuous. It’s a struggle for me to not give too much of myself to others, and instead put that energy into my soul. It’s hard to look at that shadow and realise “oh I’m looking to this person or this dynamic to fill something that only I can fill”. And then actually figure out how to fully make that shift with actions. For me I feel a lot of my insecurities/emptiness come from feeling uncomfortable in my body, I have so much trauma and shame in my bones. 

In Italy Sal did a yoga session day 1, after I cried so many tears. I had never had an instructor so in-tune, so calm… so… loving! She radiated healing and love on a level, I had never witnessed in the countless yoga sessions I had attended.  I had never been that in my body before. The flow she taught was a dance. There was no thought. It was like being a leaf in a stream. I just floated.  I broke down and thought “holy shit, that’s what yoga is supposed to be and I want to immerse myself in it, I want more of THAT.”  Ahhhh I have the butterflies. I feel excitement I haven’t felt in a long time. So so so happy.Sally Mustang you are an angel. Thank you so much for being the magical, badass, beautiful queen you are. I wouldn’t be in this moment without you."

- Sydni